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MNRO - Multistage pump

Multistage pump designed for sea water reverse osmosis applications


Multistage pump with axial suction

The MNRO pump is a ring section, multistage pump designed and optimized for reverse osmosis applications. Thanks to its axial suction, the MNRO pump offers a compact design providing a smooth fluid flow without loss of efficiency.

Hydraulic :
- Closed impellers deliver high performance
- Complete fluid flow optimized with computer assisted fluid simulation achieve a high efficiency rate and low energy consumption
- Standard material for parts in contact with pumped liquid is duplex / super duplex stainless steel
- Impeller manufactured with the investment casting process ensuring an optimal surface accuracy and high efficiency

Suction :
- Axial suction nozzle and suction stage impeller provide best operating efficiency and low NPSH value.
- Option : side or top radial suction

Sealing :
- Seal chamber compliant with API682 adapted to fluid and operating parameters
- Shaf sealing flexibility : single or double mechanical components as well as cartridge seals
- The low pressure in seal chamber achieved by the blancing disc guarantees long service life of the mechanical seal
- Design with just one mechanical seal ensure lower maintenance costs in comparison with a conventional multistage pump.
- Accessible seal chamber. The mechanical seal can be replaced without dismantling

Wear ring
- Highly wear resistant PEEK rings (Front and back) ensure long maintenance-free intervals and lower maintenance costs.
- PEEK wear rings allows to reduce clearance and provide a significant improvement in pump efficiency

Axial thrust balance
- The axial thrust loads are fully controlled via a balancing disc. The balancing disc is a reliable solution which reduces leakage to the minimum in comparison to traditional balancing systems. The result is higher pump efficiency.

- ISO or ASME flanges according project requirements. Other flanges standards are available upon request.
- Discharge : Side or top orientation according project requirements.

- Line shaft guided with product lubricated bearing in PEEK
- Heavy duty stiff shaft for low deflection


- Capacity : up to 1200 m³/h
- Total head : 760 m

Standard Materials

- Stainless steel 316L - Duplex - Super Duplex
- Bearing and wear rings : PEEK

Industrial applications

- Desalination : reverse osmosis

Additional Models