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SC - Split casing pump for desalination

Split casing pump with high efficiency for a low energy cost, low required NPSH, low noise and vibration levels


SPLIT CASING PUMP with double suction impeller for desalination

- Horizontal centrifugal single stage pumps with radial suction and discharge. Working conditions according to curves above.
- Pump casing flanges according to ISO PN 10 - Other flange standards available
- Double entry impeller, between bearings construction.
- Oil or grease lubricated bearings, depending on working conditions.
- Common welded steel base plate under pump and motor, with drip tray system (optional).
- Shaft seal insured by mechanical seal (API plan 11, 31, or 32 on standard, others on request) or alternatively by gland packing. Options: manometers, pressure switch, flow meter, temperature sensors, etc.
- Reduced maintenance costs thanks to casing wear rings durably protecting fixed and turning parts.
- Improved MTBM: high safety-factor design on shaft, high life-length calculation on bearings.
- Corrosion resistance improved by shaft and casing wear rings in stainless steel.
- Preventive control operations eased by the dismantling of upper casing part (no need to remove inlet and outlet pipings).
- Coupling with spacer simplifies the access to the bearing frame and the seal chamber (driving end).
- Jack screws (motor side) for an easier alignment setting.
- Preventive monitoring assured by temperature sensors on each bearing. For an improved maintenance, pumps can be equipped with vibration sensors, SPM nipples, connection boxes …


- Flow : up to 15 000 m³/h (66 000 US gpm)
- Total Dynamic Head : up to 160 m (525 ft)
- Maximal Working Pressure : up to 16 bar (232 PSI)
- Working Temperatures : from 10 to 80° C (50 to 176° F)
- Rotating speed : up to 1 800 rpm
- Variable speed driving acceptable
- Higher capacities and heads upon request

Standard Materials

- Casing and impeller: Mainly Stainless steels (Duplex or Super Duplex)

- Other materials upon request: Ductile or Cast Irons, Carbon Steel, Special Alloy Steels, Bronze, Aluminium Bronze, Cu-Ni Bronze, Hastelloy…

Industrial Applications

Pump designed for a huge panel of fluids :

- Especially filtered liquids as sweet water, distillate water, condensate water, filtered water (…) or
- Lightly loaded liquids as sea water, brine, raw or treated water (…)

Additional Models