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VLC - API 610 / VS4 sump pump

API 610 / VS4 Long shaft, vertical sump pump for clear, toxic, corrosive and flammable liquids


The VLC pump API610 (VS4) is a long shaft, vertical sump pump and is specially designed to comply with the latest edition of API610.

- Design according to API 610 (VS4) complying with the latest edition of API 610.
- Designed to adapt hydraulic units of various horizontal pumps-lines
- A complete range of hydraul ics cel ls (150 lbs or 300 lbs)
- Pump length up to 16m (52ft) (higher sizes upon request)
- Modular and flexible design
- Grease or oil lubricated upper bearing
- Sealing Options : cartridge seals, unpressurized or pressurized dual mechanical seals
- Highly corrosion and abrasion-resistant bushings lubricated by the solids free pumped liquid.
- Alternative lubrication options available if the pumped liquid is not suitable for lubrication of column bearings.
- Lineshaft bearings are available in various materials : PEEK, PTFE, carbon, silicon carbide, stellite, nitronic... (dependent on pumped liquid)
- Optional vapour proof design through a wide range of sealing arrangement to avoid environment contamination
- Circular base plate (ANSI 150 LBS, or ANSI 300
- Discharge separate from the shaftline.


- Flow : up to 20000 m³/h (8,800 US gpm)
- Total head : up to 150 m (500 ft)
- Maximum operating pressure : 40 bar (580 PSI )
- Operating temperature range : up to 120°C (up to 248° F)

Standard Materials

- Materials per API standard : S5, S6, C6, A8, D1, D2
- Other materials available upon request

Industrial applications

- Chemical industry
- Petrochemical industry
- Oil and Gas
- General industry

Additional Models

- V : chemical vertical long shaft sump pump