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VRN - Liquid ring vacuum pump

Liquid ring vacuum pump designed to operate in demanding industries


Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps suitable for a wide range of applications and industrial process

Single stage pump with inlet via guide plates at both ends of the rotor

- Between bearings eccentric blades rotor
- Shaft sealing by packing with inserted lantern rings
- Shaft fully protected
- Self-adjusted compression rate
- Not affected by liquid or dust
- Silent running
- Low maintenance
- Water saving reservoir at pump discharge


- Capacity : up to 23000 m³/h (101,265 US gpm)
- Absolute suction pressure : up to 50 mmHg

Standard Materials

- Cast iron with nodular cast iron impeller
- Cast iron, impeller in stainless steel
- 18/10/2.5 stainless steel *
- 26/5/2+Cu stainless steel *
- Other materials upon request
* The values are the percentages in Cr/Ni/Mo.

Industrial Applications

- Chemical Industry
- Mining Industry
- Iron and steel Industry
- Sugar industry
- Pulp and paper industry
- Petrochemical industry

Additional Models