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VA EMW: a vertical version of Ensival Moret EMW range for slurries

With a worldwide recognized expertise for the supply of high quality products and reliable technical solutions answering to the most specific needs in difficult pumping conditions, Ensival Moret launched in 2013 a new range of slurry pumps dedicated to the pumping of slurries especially in fertilizers industry, mineral industry, sugar industry, etc…

This new range of EMW slurry pumps has 2 alternatives : EMW-M : metallic heavy duty pump and EMW-R : rubber heavy duty pump.

In 2 years, the EMW slurry range has convinced by its reliability and robustness in the most demanding industries.

In order to give the best support to its customers, Ensival Moret has also developed a cantilever alternative of its EMW range.

The impellers can be supplied in natural wear-resistant rubber or in hard cast iron with a high grade chrome. Parts of the hydraulic part are optimized and dimensioned to offer a maximum lifetime.

This vertical alternative was subject to a specific development to meet the needs for reliabitly, robustness but also to offer features which makes the maintenance easier. This new range of cantilever pumps for slurries also takes advantage of the know-how from Ensival Moret regarding the vertical cantilever pumps for general industry.


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